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This 90 minute sessions addresses current concerns, includes an extensive medical history review, a physical exam, TCM diagnostic exams (if applicable), as well as acupuncture/cupping and Light Therapy as applicable.




Visits are 60 minutes and and include review of previous treatment results and any new concerns. Modalities include acupuncture, cupping, bodywork, herb and nutrition counseling in connection with established treatment plan.

Cupping Therapy


One of the oldest and most effective methods to release toxins from tissues and organs. Cupping increases blood flow, loosens relaxes muscles and reduces pain. It is relaxing and “needle-free” and results can be felt immediately following the treatment. The treatment also includes, body work, LED Light Therapy and topical CBD application as needed. 50 Minutes.

Functional Tests

Acupuncture Initial w/


A virtually painless and non-surgical method to reduce the signs of aging. It focuses not only visible signs of aging but also addresses the underlying root causes. (Poor sleep or digestion, inflammation, etc.). Cosmetic Acupuncture tightens pores, improves muscle tone and dermal contraction while stimulating elastin and collagen production. Through a succession of treatments, clients will look and feel more energetic, vibrant and healthy.
The 90 minute session includes cleansing and exfoliation, facial and body acupuncture, facial cupping, gua sha massage and mask
Initial Session (120 min.) includes review of medical history, skin analysis and establishing treatment plan.

Follow-up $145.00
Add 20 min. LED Light Therapy $160.00

Nutrition Testing


This comprehensive blood test measures 31 specific micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants and metabolites as well as immune function and anti-oxidant status, to detect deficiencies that could affect cellular function. This test measures micronutrient status in the context of cellular function over a 4-6 months period – no other test compares! The package includes concierge phlebotomy (practice or in-home), comprehensive, easy to read test results with definition of micronutrient and related deficiencies and repletion, as well as 1 hour consultation to review results and establish treatment plan as needed.

Cosmetic Topical Light Infusion

60 minute session including pre- and post treatment: $155

Topical Light Infusion (TLI) is the only light based facial infusion technology available that safely and effectively addresses a variety of cosmetic concerns and is far superior to other infusion technologies currently available. Unlike traditional LED light therapy, TLI’s active facial infusion system is intended to combine colors of light with topicals to directly affect the tissue being treated. TLI uses specific doses of visible light energy to propel key skin care ingredients into various layers of the skin.
TLi treatments are safe, simple and easy. $165.00 (with restorative body acupuncture)

Facial Rejuvenation w/Body Acupuncture


This 60 minute relaxing and rejuvenating treatment is a painless method to reduce the signs of aging by stimulating collagen and elastin production and increasing circulation and muscle tone. Relaxing and balancing body acupuncture and 15 minutes of LED/Infrared light support and enhance the cosmetic aspects of this treatment by addressing underlying conditions.
Modalities included are: facial massage, gua-sha, facial cupping (no marks!) customized skin care.
One-hour session


LED Light Therapy


LIGHTWAVE LED light therapy is a safe, natural, and pain-free treatment option which uses red, infrared and blue light to effectively stimulate cellular repair by increasing mitochondrial energy production, reduce inflammation and revive aging tissue. This non-invasive process converts light energy into usable cellular energy which can then be used by the body to repair and restore damaged and aging tissue. Research studies have shown that LED Light therapy is beneficial in the treatment of: pain, fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, wound healing, detoxification, autoimmune disorders as well as in alleviating stress, improving sleep and mood.
Results are often noticeable within the first few treatments. Our medical grade LED light is FDA approved and made in the USA.
20 minute session
$30.00 as standalone session
$15.00 as add on to acupuncture treatments

Package Pricing for Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatments Available




What They Say

“My experience with Olivia and receiving acupuncture has been life changing! She has helped me with my neck pain and sleeping more comfortable at night along with reducing my headaches. I have also benefited from her cupping, I have felt much loosed and less pain and stress is my back and neck! And not to mention her cosmetic acupuncture is such a treat, I leave feeling fresh and younger. It’s like all natural Botox !!! Love it! I’m so grateful for all her amazing treatments. Definitely recommend to everyone! “
~Britni B.

“Olivia is the most accommodating and most thorough practitioner I’ve encountered. She listens and always asks pertinent questions, to where I feel the treatments are best suited for my issues, and the results reflect that. If you want a true advocate to help improve your wellbeing, I couldn’t recommend anyone higher.”
~Brian W.
“I have had several acupuncture treatments from Olivia Sage. I love her caring gentle approach, which made me feel safe. She took time to find the underlying issues of my problem. Olivia has a deep understanding of the human body and a talent to target what is needed at the very moment. My hot flashes and discomfort related to the female reproductive system disappeared after the series of recommended sessions.
I also highly recommend her rejuvenating facial. If you want to look younger and give your face a non surgical lift, try it out!
I am happy I have found Olivia and I highly recommend her services.”
~Hannelore N.

“Dr Olivia has been instrumental in my healing this past year. Her patience, professionalism, incredible wisdom, and kindness create the perfect environment for healing. I trust that every time I see Dr Olivia, she is fully present and committed to creating the most beneficial healing plan for me. After a year of trying to understand and cure my health concerns on my own, I saw immediate change after working with Dr Olivia, and I’m now thriving in a state of wellness I can certainly credit to her! She has gone above and beyond to make sure I’m comfortable and understand the root causes of my dis-ease, and what to expect from our plan. I am so grateful to be a patient of Dr Olivia’s.”
~Lauren S.