Natural Sunburn Relief


Summertime…but the living is anything but easy! Triple Digits are upon us once again and will carry us through the next few months. While sun exposure is important for healthy vitamin D levels, too much sun can lead to short term and long term skin damage!

Therefore it is important to get protection form harmful UVA and UVB rays by limiting your fun in the sun, using sunscreen, and avoiding to burn.


In a survey conducted in partnership with iVillage, the Skin Cancer Foundation learned that 42 percent of people polled get sunburnt at least once a year. Fact is, that every sunburn increases your chance of developing skin cancer!


While Prevention is best, how can you counteract the damage to your skin, once you find yourself coming home with a nasty burn, after a day of tubing on the river or paddle boarding on the lake?


Let me introduce you to four well-known herbs that can bring relief and heal your skin after the damage has been done:


Aloe Vera

This is probably the best known herbal remedy for sunburn and we are blessed to find aloe plants everywhere in our desert. Aloe Vera gel may be used directly on sunburns for immediate relief and to accelerate the healing process. Due to its high water content (99.5%), it is especially soothing to the skin. Aloe Vera is very mild and can be applied generously and as often as needed to the affected area.



Not just an herb to calm your nervous system, but also wonderful for the skin. It is gentle, relaxing and has anti-inflammatory properties. Use cold chamomile compresses on the sunburn to relief pain and promote healing.


Green Tea

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and can be used topically or internally as tea before or after sun exposure. Studies have shown that green tea may reduce skin inflammation and redness, protect the skin cells, and to assist with adverse affects of UV radiation exposure. It contains tannic acid, theobromine and polyphenols, all of which are soothing and healing to sunburnt skin.



Not only a great herb to help you sleep, soothe headaches and calm nerves, lavender can be used to treat minor cuts, scrapes and insect bites and help calm inflamed, sunburnt skin. It is beneficial for all skin types and offers immediate relief.



Make your own Sunburn Spritz!


4 drops lavender essential oil

4 drops chamomile essential oil

8oz distilled water

(you can replace 4oz water with 4oz of aloe vera gel)